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Host Impulse Agent installed on servers and workstation, uses the fundamental nature of malware as executable code which needs to remain resident on the computer’s hard disk to be effective, together with the ring-based integrity mechanisms of the operating system to block storage of executable program files (malware). This allows Host Impulse to be a fast, reliable, proactive, non signature-based anti-malware solution that can defeat zero day and targeted attacks designed to damage your systems, steal your intellectual property, identity and secrets.
Identify and analyse the activity of high-risk threat actors on your network so you can act immediately. Our Network Threat Impulse provides a complete NIPS (Network Based Intrusion Prevention System) security solution, providing comprehensive network monitoring and protection against malicious and unwanted network traffic, including: Malware attacks, Dos and DDoS attacks, Insider threats and, Unwanted application traffic, including IM and P2P
Iconic Security Operation Centre System: Threat Impulse Intel System is the combination of our most advanced Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) features with our Network Threat Monitoring, Host Threat Protection and SOC Management System.
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Iconic Threat Management System arms you with the tools and intelligence to attack your security gap by finding and freezing attackers who’d otherwise roam freely in your network -- no matter how advanced or persistent they are. Whether you are looking to equip your own incident responders or hire Threat Impulse Team to manage your defence 24x 7 against advanced attackers we have you covered.
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