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Any of your employees or other people can steal your sensitive company information if you don’t keep it safe. Protect your company from leaks of data stored on workstations, laptops and servers. You alone decide who has access to company files and what they can do with them. Only an authorized person can get to data saved on a disk. Neither theft nor loss endanger the security of your data. Your data is protected at all times: On- or Off- network. Get notified of breaches or suspicious behaviour. Regulatory compliance eg. PDPA. Find and secure your data. Keep confidential data safe inside
How many of your employees take your sensitive information away on portable devices? And how many of them have already lost such a portable disk or had a laptop stolen? Protect your sensitive company information even if it is miles away from you. With Safetica DLP, your data is safe all the time and no third party can access it. Make sure that no one will ever find a flash drive with your company’s confidential data lying around on a street. Safe data transfer - the portable disk is protected by encryption such as Blowfish, CAST5, CAST6, MARS, RC5, RC6, Rijndael (AES), Serpent and Twofish. Encryption of files sent by e-mail as attachments.
Data in use protection
Employees who have legitimate access to data can misuse it: They can handle your data in other ways than their working position requires. They might create copies if they have been fired, send data to competitors via the Internet or print sensitive documents. By means of DLP rules, you can comfortably set the way how employees can handle files. Whether they can edit them, delete them and where they may write them. The security manager can set rules for individual employees or whole groups. Operations with files that are not authorized will be cancelled and the security manager will be informed about them immediately. Gain complete control of what employees might do with company data. Setting of access roles, rules for access and allowed operations. Current employees cannot evade protection nor switch it off. It can also check any operation with files on connected portable devices. Blocking of unauthorized operations with files. Detailed records on employees’ activities with files.
Device control
Stop sensitive information leaking from your company. Prevent your employees from taking your confidential information and storing them on unknown flash drives, mobile phones or any other devices. You will not only avoid sensitive data leaks, but you will also prevent attacks of viruses and other dangerous applications. Devices often carry malicious software and usually, their owners are not even aware of this infection. Restrict the use of unknown devices and select only those devices which are essential for your employees to do their work. Every attempt to connect an unauthorized device is blocked, logged and reported. Monitoring of peripheral device connection to company computers. Blocking of unwanted peripheral devices. Immediate warning in the case of a problem - blocking of a prohibited device.
Endpoint DLP
Endpoint DLP
Control access to classified data from a single central management console. You can create Zones that mirror your actual business structure, share rules and policies between them and create exceptions when needed. Identify what data must be protected according to national laws or industrial standards. Safetica helps you to meet or exceed compliance with an array of data protection laws such as PDPA, HIPAA or GLBA. Safetica helps you identify personal identifiable information such as health or tax records, classify them and ensure their confidentiality and integrity. You can then control access to this data, encrypt it and then use the Safetica monitoring tools for a security audit.
Keep critical data private and out of competitors’ hands. Whether R&D project, financial records or third-party construction blueprints, Safetica has your data locked down. Safetica Zones mirror the individual company environment to more easily save and secure data. You select which data restrictions to apply and where: Can customer records leave the accounting office in cleartext or must they be copied to encrypted removable media? Who can access sales data and uploaded it? It’s your data and now it’s your decision. And when someone attempts to violate a policy restriction, you’ll be immediately warned.
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