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Safetica Supervisor restricts employee privileges so that they are allowed to perform only the tasks related to their job. It assesses their activity, blocks undesirable operations and informs the management about incurred problems. So, with Safetica Supervisor you will be able to proactively reduce labour costs, save company resources and eliminate problems resulting from your employees behaving irresponsibly.
By installing illegal and often dangerous applications your employees pose a threat to your companyís security. Get rid of pirate programs, malware, games and other undesirable applications that are not suitable for a company environment. Prevent your employees from endangering your company and pick only those applications which are appropriate for their tasks. Application Blocking and Extensive Application Database
Disable printing of personal files and prevent unauthorized printing of sensitive documents. Are your employees convinced that they are free to print anything, even if itís only for their personal use? Get your company printers under control. By seeing who prints what, you can reduce printing costs and prevent unauthorized printing of confidential documents. Printer Access Blocking and Print blocking of selected documents
Would you be surprised, if you found out your employees spend a large part of their working hours visiting websites not related to their work? Cut off unproductive activities and stop your employees wasting your money. With Safetica Endpoint Supervisor you can block any undesirable webpages. Therefore, your employees will not be tempted to while away their working hours by playing online games or visiting social networks. Website Blocking based on Categories and Keywords, Detailed Website Categorization and Blocking of HTTPS connection
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