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Safetica Endpoint Auditor automatically reveals any potentially harmful behavior of your employees. It analyzes their activities and warns the management of any imminent danger. Safetica Endpoint Auditor measures and records employee productivity, detects changes in their behavior and thus allows you to assess the level of risk they present. Significant changes in employee behavior are often brought about by loss of motivation or a better offer from the competition. If you have doubts about your employees’ loyalty or motivation, you can simply browse through logs of every single operation they made: Which applications they launched, websites they visited, who they wrote to and what files they worked with.
Are you sure you know exactly what your employees are doing on a computer during their working hours? Have you ever wondered if they are really pursuing what they are supposed to? By monitoring employee activity you will get a summary of how they spend their time at work. You will be able to identify those who are not really trying to do their best. What’s more, you will be informed of any activities which could endanger your enterprise or jeopardize your company data in time. Intelligent Screen Recording, KeyLogger, Search Monitoring and Print Monitoring
During their working hours, your employees often deal with their personal correspondence and visit social networks and other websites which lower their productivity. You end up paying them for work they did not perform. Reveal which webpages distract your employees the most and how much time they spend there. Internet Usage Monitoring provides a summary of who visits what pages and when, how many e-mails they send and how much time they spend chatting. Websites Access Monitoring, Website Categorization, E-mail monitoring, Webmail monitoring, Versatile IM monitoring, File monitoring
Do your employees have a free hand at printing? Have you ever wondered how many sensitive documents might be printed during one workday? Has it ever occurred to you that some of your employees can easily use company printers for their personal use? Don’t let your employees print your company away. Gain an insight into how your company printers are used and who of your employees consumes most of printing resources. Uncover leaks of sensitive documents and save operating costs.
Understand who your employees are and what intentions they have. Are they considering leaving your company? Are they looking for a new job? Or have they simply lost their motivation? Do they spend a lot of time on tasks unrelated to their job? By means of well-ordered outputs and immediate alerts, you will receive a quick summary of possible personal and security threats in advance. Productivity Monitoring, Employee Profiling, Alerts
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